Discovering OPNSense: Search Bar

OpnSense search bar


After Migrating to OPNSense I’ve really been impressed with it’s improvements over pfSense in various areas. I will repeat that I have nothing against pfSense, but OPNSense continues to surprise me the more I poke around and discover some of it’s unique features. Today we will take a quick look at one of my favorite features of OPNSense: the Search Bar!

OPNSense Search Bar

There’s not much to talk about other than the fact that it is super useful for finding some of those hidden menu items.

  • No more spending minutes trying to browse the menus for that one page you remember seeing but cannot seem to find anymore.
  • No more having to search the pfSense documentation or forum for finding the location of a specific setting.

Fuzzy Searching Works:


One limitation is that individual settings are not displayed (only settings ‘pages’ are)

For example, if i search for Hardware acceleration does not reveal the System > Settings > Miscellaneous page:

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