Discovering OPNSense: Configuration Backups


After migrating to OPNSense from pfSense, I have been discovering numerous features that I never knew existed in OPNSense. These little features are what makes me have zero regrets for switching to OPNSense. Today we will look at the various options for backing up configuration changes. After all, backups should be high on the priority list after first setting up OPNSense.

Nextcloud Backup

This is one of my favorite features of Nextcloud that was missing from pfSense. The ability to backup one Open-Source software to another just makes my day! It’s as easy as entering my Nextcloud credentials and specifying the backup location:

OPNSense Nextcloud Backup Configuration
OPNSense Backups in Nextcloud

Manual Backup

Manual backups are a quick and easy way to take a configuration backup. I generally use this if/when I need to rebuild my entire network/homelab from scratch (if/when my Nextcloud is not available to be backed up to)

OPNSense Manual Configuration Backup

Google Drive Backup

I won’t discuss much about this here since I’m not a fan of Google Drive for privacy reasons, but if you are, you can feel somewhat confident that your configuration that is saved on Google drive is safe because it can be encrypted.

OPNSense Google Drive Backup Configuration

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